How fast is the new DSL? What do uncapped and unmetered mean? Does everyone get the fastest speed?

By the way it is delivered, DSL speeds decrease with distance from the central office. That doesn't change with Fusion. But Fusion is different from other DSL services in one way. We let you get as much speed as your phone line will support. Compare that with artificially capped DSL speeds from other providers. With their products, everyone within a certain area can only get one speed, even if they could really get higher speed. Fusion customers in downtown Fort Bragg and Mendocino will see very high speeds but everyone will get as much as we can possibly deliver to them. Making sure your inside wiring is in good shape is good first step to getting the best speed possible. Fusion also has no transfer limits (meters) so if you transfer a lot of data you won't hit a cap and pay extra or have your speeds slowed down.

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