What are the MCN Lists?

PRIVATE Listservs: Create your own listserv: $11.50/month + one time $5 setup fee for each. Listservs are available free of charge to qualifying non-profit and community organizations within Mendocino county.

PUBLIC Listservs: Subscribing, Un-Subscribing, Digests, Guidelines . and more... MCN maintains these public listservs.

MCN "Announce" Listserv Subscriber Agreement/Terms of Service

MCN "Discussion" Listserv Subscriber Agreement/Terms of Service

*** Subscribe - Click here to subscribe to any of the MCN Public Lists

*** Un-Subscribe - Click here to un-subscribe to any of the MCN Public Lists


Subscribe to any listserv by sending an email to: listname-join@ lists.mcn.org
i.e. announce-join@lists.mcn.org or discussion-join@lists.mcn.org etc.

Un-subscribe to any listserv by sending an email to: listname-leave@ lists.mcn.org
i.e. announce-leave@lists.mcn.org or discussion-leave@lists.mcn.org
**IMPORTANT NOTE: After subscribing to a listserv, with either method described above, you will receive an email acknowledging you've joined a group. You MUST reply to that email to complete the procedure for each listserv to which you have subscribed or un-subscribed.

listmanager@mcn.org and specify which listserv you want to join or leave.

Public Listserv Addresses - Where to send your listserv posts.
(Only list members can post messages).

Digests - Change your subscription to a Digest subscription and receive one or two emails a day (with headers of the day's posts at the top and the content of all the posts listed at the bottom) instead of receiving all posts individually. To make any subscription Digest please contact the List Manager at MCN listmanager@mcn.org or call 707 937-1444 or 800 796-3896.

GUIDELINES FOR THE PUBLIC LISTServs (or....how to get your email to post)
Please understand the guidelines set up for the public lists are made in consideration of all the members.

Send all posts to [list name]@lists.mcn.org i.e. announce@lists.mcn.org

Disclaimer: The Mendocino Community Network (MCN) provides the MCN lists. MCN is not responsible for the information posted on this site by others. MCN disclaims all warranties with regard to information posted on this site, whether posted by MCN or any third party; In no event shall MCN be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site.
You can only post from the email address with which you subscribed to the listserv.

You can only post if you're subscribed to the listserv.

No attachments or embedded graphics (including stationery or fancy signatures) are allowed (in consideration of virus dangers and slower connections).
-- Instead including a link to a web page where the information could be viewed.

Posts must be composed in plain text (if sent in html message will be blank).
2 recipient limit (# of email addresses the post is sent to).

No addresses allowed in the BCC field.
Email size limit of 200K (1000K = 1M) in deference to slower connections

--To keep the size of your post down delete the older posts that show up at the bottom when you reply to a topic. Maybe just sum up what you're referring to instead of including all the emails that have already been posted

If you go on vacation you might consider un-subscribing to all your lists so you don't come home to a zillion emails.

If you put an autoresponder on your email then definitely un-subscribe to all lists.

You can change your subscription to DIGEST to receive only 1 or 2 Digest emails instead of every single message posted to the listerv that day. In the Digest email you'll see the headers and senders of all posts received that day. You can scroll down to read them all. Please realize there will be a delay, since Digests are sent only once or twice a day.

To be a "Digest" member please send an email to listmanager@mcn.org and specify the list on which you want your subscription changed to Digest. Or call MCN 9-6 Monday through Friday and ask for the List Manager.

NOTE: If you've questions about your subscriptions always specify to which listservs you're referring and under which email address you're subscribed.

To determine to which listservs you're subscribed look at the emails in your inbox or folder. Listserv posts always have the listname in the subject of the email
i.e. [MCN-Announce] or Announce Digest.

Any other questions regarding listservs direct to listmanager@mcn.org

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