How do I manage my private Listserv?


The address of the administration page for each listserv is:[listserv name]

i.e. If your listserv's name is coastwalks, then the url for its administration page is:

Log into that page with your password.

To get a membership list of all your subscribers:
Send an email (from the address with which you are subscribed to your listserv) to: listname
The email will look like this:
To: listname
Subject: listserv membership list
In the body of the email type
who password of list

So, if my listserv name was coastwalks and my password was ambulate77, then the email would look like:

Subject: coastwalks membership list
Body of email: who ambulate77

You'll receive the list of all those subscribed to your listserv with "from"
To insure that email doesn't get caught up in your Spam quarantine it's a good idea to put that address on your White List (see instructions for adding to your Safe Senders List by clicking on this link)
i.e. If coastwalks was the name of your listserv then add to the Safe Senders List the following email address:

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