Fusion Features

Fusion phone service provided by Sonic Telecom.

Calling Features

Fusion service includes at no additional charge the following phone features Steps to create a 3-way call:
Connect with the first party.
Press "Flash" (or "Link", or briefly hold down the on-hook switch.)
Wait for dial tone.
Dial the second number.
When the second party answers, flash again to reconnect the first party.
If the second part does not answer or you reach a busy signal, pressing flash will disconnect the second party and return you to the first call.
When you are ready to disconnect the second party, simply hit flash again.

Caller ID and Call Waiting are included with your voice service.
If you want either of these features turned off please call MCN 707-937-1444

Instructions for using Call Waiting:
(If you ignore the beeps then the person calling will go into your Fusion Voicemail, if it's set up)
Press the 'Call Waiting' or 'Flash/Recall" button to put the first caller on hold and talk to the new caller.
To speak to the first caller again, press the "Call Waiting" or "Flash/Recall" button.
By pressing the "Call Waiting" or "Flash/Recall" button you can switch between both callers, until either one, or both hang up.
If you hang up on the first call, whilst hearing the call waiting 'beeps' your phone will automatically ring, enabling you to pick up the second call.

International Calling (Click here for International Rates)
If you want to enable International Calling please contact MCN 707-937-1444

Call Forwarding:
How to use Call Forwarding:
To enable or update call forwarding, dial *72 and follow the prompts.
To disable call forwarding, you may dial *73 or *72 and follow the prompts.
A maximum of two simultaneous calls can be forwarded at any given time.

To enable this feature PERMANENTLY please call MCN 707-937-1444.
Please note: Normal usage rates will be applied for all forwarded calls.

Call Blocking
Your Fusion phone blocks callers on the Fusion Voice Blocklist
Blocks inbound calls from numbers that have been listed in the global abusive callers block list. Call MCN if you want to un-block callers on the Fusion Voice Blocklist.

Star Codes

*67 - Caller ID blocking service. Dial this star code before your outbound call to block your caller ID to the party you are calling, for the next call
NOTE: Unlike AT&T phone service, *67 does not return to dial tone after you dial it;
just punch *67 and then continue on with dialing out.

*82 - Unblocks caller ID for the next call.
Note: To permanently block or un-block your caller ID call MCN 937-1444.

*69 - Calls back the last person who called you. This service is not officially supported, but it should work in most cases.

*77 - Blocks calls with unrevealed Caller ID's
*88 - Removes the block (allows unrevealed Caller ID's)
To Permanently Block Anonymous Calls call MCN. (You can always call us to Un-block Anonymous Calls if you change your mind.)

*273# - Reads back your phone number.

511 - Transportation and traffic information is also free of charge, provided by SF Bay Area 511
811 - Call Before you Dig hotline. See call811.com for details. If you're trenching or doing excavating anywhere around your property call 811 FIRST.

711 - TTY relay service. TTY is a special device that lets people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired use the telephone to communicate,
by allowing them to type messages back and forth to one another instead of talking and listening.
A TTY is required at both ends of the conversation in order to communicate.

911 - Emergency Services (Call 933# to make sure your correct address and phone #)
933# - Plays address information provided to 911 Emergency Services.(So, when you call 911 they see the correct location).

Voicemail Instructions

TO SET UP YOUR FUSION VOICEMAIL: Dial *99 and follow the prompts to create your pin number.
Access Voicemail from your home: Dial *99 from your own number.
Access Voicemail from remote location:
Voicemail Alerts (any or all of the following):
Voicemail Commands
NOTE: Voicemail messages will automatically expire after 90 days.