Phone + Internet

Fusion Residential

High speed DSL of up to 50 Mb/s with no artificial data limits AND landline voice service.
Fusion voice service includes unmetered local and long distance in the United States.
If you want more speed or need a second phone line you can bond two Fusion lines together.

No speed cap- we give you as much as your line will allow-- up to 50 Mb/s--and double that if you bond two Fusion lines together. While Fusion DSL speeds decrease with distance, there are no artificial caps on speed at 1.5, 3 or 6 Mb/s and no caps on usage.

Fusion also comes with a free basic website and 10 free e-mail addresses. Static IP addresses are also available.


$72*/ month

Residential Bonded

$119*/ month


Map shows approximate location of fusion customers. The on-line order form will automatically pre-qualify your phone number or address.
Map of Fusion Customers in Mendocino
Map of Fusion Customers in Fort Bragg

Fusion Business

Fusion is available for your business as well. Fusion telephones allow you keep (port) your existing phone numbers and work with your existing wiring and phones.


$83*/ month

Business Bonded

$130*/ month