MCN Dialup

Service Montly Dial up Hours Overage Email Accounts
REGULAR 56K Analog Modem Dialup$19.95150 Hours$.33/hour1
HIGH USE 56K Analog Modem Dialup$35.00320 Hours$.33/hour10
REALLY HIGH USE 56K Analog Modem Dialup$50.00 1440 Hours$.33/hour20
BASIC 56K Analog Modem Dialup$9.9510 Hours$2.50/hour1
One-time setup charge for ALL Internet Dialup Accounts $20.00
Static IP addresses are not available.

Modem speed supported is 56K using V.92 digital modems.
This system is a full Internet hookup via PPP.
The setup fee does not include actual on-site installation of connectivity software or application software on the subscriber's computer.

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