MCN's New Webmail Program - An Introduction

Welcome to MCN's New Webmail program.

Now, when you go to MCN Webmail to see your mail (being held on the MCN server), you'll have a choice to view it in either:
Old Webmail or MCN's brand new New Webmail.
Below are some new features and slight differences of the New Webmail program verses our old one.

The new Webmail program can do everything the old Webmail program could do except mail filters or mail rules. MCN hopes to add this feature in the near future. Please remember, you'll still be able to view your mail in the Old MCN Webmail program if you choose, as both programs will house your mail being held on the MCN server.

Web browser technical specifications for MCN's new Webmail program:

Windows: Firefox 2 or greater, Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Safari, Google Chrome
Mac: Netscape 7 or greater, Firefox 2 or greater, Safari 2 or greater
If you get an error message then your browser version is not supported and you'll have to stay with the old Webmail program.
Please call MCN for assistance, if needed. 707-937-1444 or 800-796-3896

New MCN Webmail Instructions INDEX:
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GETTING STARTED: LOGGING IN to MCN's new Webmail program:
Find the new Webmail login window in the same way you've always found Webmail, except, now you'll come to a page where you can choose to go to either the new or old Web E-mail program:
If you choose MCN's New Webmail then proceed with these directions to show you how to move through the program:

In the New Webmail Login window:

The EMAIL TAB is where you'll see all the mail that's being held on the MCN server.

Basic maneuvers on this tab:

To Create a New Message:
Click on the grey triangle to the right of the New button.

In the drop down list click on "New Email".

A new email will appear in a new "Compose" tab.
Fill in your email information:
  • To: Type in the email address of the person to whom you're sending your note.
  • Subject: Type in the topic of your email.
  • More: Click on this to open up more fields: Cc:, Bcc:, Files: showing any files you attach to the email.

  • Type your email in the large white box below the formatting buttons.

    Here's what your email should now look like:

  • To add an attachment to the email click the "Add Attachment" button at the bottom.

    • In the directory window that appears select the item you want to attach.
    • Click "Open" or "Choose" and the item will show up next to "Files:"

  • To save the email (to finish or send it later) click the "Save as Draft" button at the bottom right. The email will be saved and put into your Drafts Folder.
  • When you're all done click the "Send Email" button in the bottom right.
PLEASE NOTE:  The new webmail program "times out" in 15 minutes.  Meaning: if the program isn't used for 15 minutes it will automatically log you out.  This is for security, but if you were in the middle of composing an email you'll lose all your work.
We're working to find a way to resolve this problem and increase the time out time.  Until then please do the following:

To Bring in New Mail:
Click the "Get Mail" button
  • Click on the Inbox and to the right you'll see any new mail.
  • The new mail will be in a bold font and have next to it a blue dot

To create a new folder
  • Click on the "+" sign at the bottom of the left column.
  • Type your new folder name over where it says "New Folder".
  • To put emails in a new folder just select the emails and drag them into your new folder.
    • To "drag" an email:
      • Select the email or emails you want to move to a folder
      • Put curser over the selection and hold down the mouse key 
      • Literally "drag" the selections over the folder in which you want to put the emails

To delete an email:
  • Check the box next to the message and then click on the Delete button.

To Select a RANGE or ALL messages in a folder: