Announcing New Mail Services!

MCN has moved all of our incoming and outgoing mail servers, webmail software, and SPAM filtering on to a new integrated solution called Magic Mail.

When is this happening?

It has already happened. The new servers are up and running. POP users who leave mail on the server will not recognize mail that has been downloaded and will re-download old mail.

What's different?


One of the big differences is the new integrated webmail system. Our old webmail system and our new Webmail Lite are both based on Squirrel Mail so it should be very similar with a few new features. The alternate webmail was based on AtMail and is now being replaced by our new Tuxedo webmail. If you use dialup to connect to the internet or have an older computer we recommend Webmail Lite. If you are on high speed and have a newer computer the new Tuxedo webmail behaves very much like a dekstop email program with drag and drop to folders and preview pane for messages.

Under the current webmail platform the address books are separate. With Tuxedo or Webmail Lite you will have the same address book regardless of which one you log into.

Spam Filtering

Spammers (or junk emailers) are using more and more complex methods to send junk emails each day. To help combat this, the methods used to block these unwanted emails from your Inbox are becoming more numerous and diverse. However, MagicMail is designed to give you the maximum control over your mailbox. You now have the control over whether you want to receive messages identified as 'spam' in a special quarantine IMAP folder, or simply reject them right away and keep your mailbox clean. You also have the option directly in webmail of simply selecting a message that you no longer want to receive and clicking 'Block Sender' - or you can simply select it and click on 'Allow Sender' so that such message will be placed in your Inbox directly in the future.

No Digests

With the ease of accessing your SPAM quarantine right from your IMAP email client or from within webmail there is no need for a daily digest being sent. We know that there are lot of you out there that really like the digest but we would like you to try out the new system and see if it meets your needs. *UPDATE* We have heard from many who only access their email via POP and find the daily digest useful. We do not have a fix for today but we hope we can have a solution in the next week..

New Features

Vacation and Forwarding

Vacation auto responders have always allowed you to send a message to let people know you are away. The new system allows you to send a custom message and a custom subject. You can now also forward copies of your email to a coworker or any other email address. With a click of a checkbox you can save a copy of the message and have a copy forwarded on.

Change Password

One of our most requested features is the ability to change your own password. We now offer a password update in either webmail or in your mailbox options.

Subject Based Filtering

In addition to white listing and black listing email addresses you can now automatically mark something as SPAM based on the subject line of the email message. This is helpful when you want to filter only certain messages or when the source address keeps changing.

Searchable Quarantine Options

Our current quarantine allows you to search by subject only. The new quarantine area allows you to search on the From, To, CC, Subject and Body fields.

Better Integration

Integrating the spam quarantine into the webmail area gives you much faster access to view your messages as well as block unwanted emails.

Questions? Comments?

We are very excited about the new platform and we look forward to your feedback after we go live.
Thank you for being an MCN customer!

For more information contact MCN Manager Sage Statham, Phone: 707-937-1444 ext 123

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