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MCN Fusion Voice and Next Generation DSL - SAVE MONEY WITH HIGHER SPEEDS:  Fusion is a next generation DSL service with speeds up to 50 Mbps and landline (not VOIP) service for selected areas of Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Fusion pricing starts at $55 for residential use and $65 for businesses plus around $10 in fees and taxes. Add up your phone, long distance and internet bills and see if Fusion will save you money. All-you-can-get speed up to 20 Mbps in downtown areas. Free local and long distance for all calls placed in the U.S. for all customers, business and residential 

Learn how and when you can get faster speed, great landline voice service and save money at our Fusion information page or call 937-1444 for more information. Fusion voice is provided by Sonic Telecom. Click here to signup now!

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MCN Fusion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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MCN Fusion 
Next Generation DSL with Landline Voice Service 
For Selected Areas of Fort Bragg and Mendocino

MCN Fusion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is Fusion?
Fusion is a next generation ADSL2+ high speed Internet product combined with a landline voice phone service, including free long distance to residential and business customers. In essence, with our partners Sonic Telecom we become an agent for your voice service and in most cases, give you faster, more cost effective DSL service. 

Where is it available?
Fusion service is available in selected areas of Mendocino and Fort Bragg within our current DSL footprint--while there are some exceptions at the edge of the system, nearly all customers with DSL with MCN or AT&T within in the Mendocino and Fort Bragg footprint can qualify for the service. You must qualify for DSL service to get the Fusion product.

What is the Deployment Roadmap for Fusion?
MCN is now fully deployed with the Fusion product. We're ready to order Fusion services for you anywhere our DSL footprint can reach.

How do I purchase Fusion?
Fusion is a new product for us, and we want to make sure you are aware of everything that is involved in using Fusion service So we are asking that you come down to the MCN office and complete an order form for Fusion. Residential customers can fax, mail, or scan and e-mail the applications in. With business cusomters we prefer to make appointments so that we can discuss your Fusion deployment and examine your phone and internet setup at your location. . 

What does Fusion cost?

Single Line Service

Service PriceSetup FeeStatic IP
 Fusion Residential$54.41$35 )

 Fusion Business$65.13$35

ServicePrice Setup FeeStatic IP
Residential Bonded Fusion$89.17$35
Business Bonded Fusion$100.59$351-$10

Who provides the telephone part of the service? Are they regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
The telephone part of the service is provided by Sonic Telecom, a regional phone company. The Mendocino Community Network acts as a billing agent for Sonic Telecom. Sonic Telecom is fully regulated by the California PUC.

How does the free international package work?
The Fusion free international package gives you a total 8 hours of free calls to land lines in any of these countries: Canada, The U.K., Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. Please not that this is NOT 8 hours to each country, but a total of 8 hours for your combined calls to these countries. Regular international rates apply after the 8 hours are used.

How do I control features like my voice mail and caller ID blocking from my phone?
MCN has set up a special Fusion Voice Phone Feature page with all the information you need. MCN staff is also happy to help you with this over the phone. 

How does the transition from my current phone service to Fusion work? 
The transition process, in most cases is very simple and requires no changes in your setup at home. It all happens within the phone system.  Many customers will simply leave for the day and return to find their new improved service is up and working. 

Can I keep my existing phone number? 
Yes, you absolutely can keep the same phone number.

Can I have a different long distance carrier on my Fusion line?
No, the Fusion package is a complete bundle and you cannot choose a different long distance provider with Fusion. Remember that all long distance calls are free to both business and residential customers who have Fusion. 

Is discounted universal lifeline service available with Fusion? 
No, universal lifeline service discounts are not available with this product.

Can I buy the services separately?
No, Fusion voice and next generation DSL services cannot be purchased separately.

I'm only in the area part of the year. Can I turn Fusion on and off? 
Yes. You can turn the Fusion on and off as needed. However, we cannot retain your phone number if you disconnect the service.

Do I need to sign a contract? Is there a commitment
Yes, you need to sign a standard MCN contract BUT there is no long term commitment contract that you need to sign to get the Fusion service and no early termination fee. You also need to sign an order form and a letter of authorization allowing Sonic Telcom to provide you with telephone service.

What phone services come with Fusion voice? 
  • Call forwarding   |  Call waiting | Caller ID with Name | Call Forwarding
  •  911 (emergency) and 933 (911 test), 611(help), and 411 (directory)  services included
  • Caller ID Block | Three way calling| Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • International calling (International rates)--please note that International calling is OFF by default. If you want it enabled, please tell us when you sign up.
  • Unmetered Local and  Nationwide Calling for residences and business customers!(Usage policy)
  • Voice mail
  • Anonymous call blocking--block calls from anyone who does not send callerID information
Are there any services or types of calls that do not work in the Fusion system?
Yes. 900 and 976 calls are not allowed on the system. Also customers on Fusion lines cannot make or receive collect calls. 

Can I order a new phone service at my house with Fusion? 
Yes, but there are some special provisions regarding new lines. Please call MCN if you are interested so we can discuss installation of a new Fusion line to your house.

What are the options for bonding Fusion lines together? Two Fusion phone lines can be bonded together and you get two phone lines AND twice the speed. You can have incoming calls "hunt" from one number to another number.  It does require a special modem and you may need to complete some inside wiring work. We can go over all the details with you on this. Please note that if you want to bond lines it is much better to do this at the beginning rather than to try and add a second line later in the process.

Do I have to have MCN DSL to order Fusion? 
No, MCN can transition your current AT&T phone and/or DSL service to Fusion service and you'll get the Fusion data service as well as great phone service. 

How fast is the new DSL? What do uncapped and unmetered mean? Does everyone get the fastest speed? 
By the way it is delivered, DSL speeds decrease with distance from the central office. That doesn't change with Fusion. But Fusion is different from other DSL services in one way. We let you get as much speed as your phone line will support. Compare that with artificially capped DSL speeds from other providers. With their products, everyone within a certain area can only get one speed, even if they could really get higher speed. Fusion customers in downtown Fort Bragg and Mendocino will see very high speeds but everyone will get as much as we can possibly deliver to them. Making sure your inside wiring is in good shape is good first step to getting the best speed possible. Fusion also has no transfer limits (meters) so if you transfer a lot of data you won't hit a cap and pay extra or have your speeds slowed down. 

Can I get static IP addresses? What do they cost? Can I move my existing static IP addresses from my current MCN DSL legacy circuit to my new Fusion circuit?
Static IP addresses are available for Fusion circuits but there is an extra charge (see table below). There is a maximum of 8 IP addresses per circuit. Unfortunately, you cannot move static IP addresses from your current MCN DSL service to your new Fusion service. You have to get new address space and re-address your network.
Number of Static IP's

I currently have a free website and 10 free e-mail addresses. Will those move over to my Fusion service?

Why isn't it available in Comptche when you offer DSL there? 
The Comptche phone office is considered a "remote terminal" and not a full central office. Therefore there are regulatory obstacles to offering Fusion there. The small size of the customer base is also an obstacle. 

I have existing DSL service with MCN, will my modem work with Fusion?
In many cases, yes.Zhone, Comtrends, Zyxel, Motorola and ZTE modems are ADSL2+ capable. Older modems (Broadmax, Speedstream and Zoom) will work with the service but won't give you the higher speeds. Please note, the Zoom was previously listed as an ADLS2+ capable. If you bond two Fusion lines together, you will need a new bonded DSL modem.

Will MCN's support hours change? 
No. At this time, we are not able to expand our support hours beyond 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. 

Why do I have to pay by credit card or bank transfer and why do I have to be have my billing day on the first of the month? 
These are requirements of the vendor that we use for selling parts of the Fusion product. 
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