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Welcome to Fusion

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Welcome to MCN Fusion 
Next Generation DSL with Landline Voice Service 
For Selected Areas of Fort Bragg and Mendocino

"Now You Have a Choice for Phone Service AND Internet Service"

Now Taking Orders: MCN is ready to provide your phone and Internet connections with out Fusion service.

Click here for a map showing MCN Fusion approximate availability.

If you can't tell from the map if you're eligible to get Fusion service, then please call MCN 937-1444 and we'll let you know. The on line order form will also automatically pre-qualify your number.

I'm Ready to Order: Effective January 1, 2018, all Fusion signups are done through an on-line ordering system. To order Fusion do one of the following:
1. Use the on-line signup form at (preferred method)
2. Come to the MCN office at 10700 Ford Street in Mendocino to sign up in person.
3. Call MCN at (707) 937-1444 and we can process to order over the phone.

Fusion Phone Information:
Phone Features & Voice Mail Instructions
Fusion Phone International Rates

MCN is pleased to announce Fusion, our next generation DSL service together with landline phone service in selected areas of Fort Bragg and Mendocino. That's right, MCN, can provide you with high speed DSL, up to 50 megabits per second AND landline voice service. And we think a lot of you will save money by switching to Fusion service. Fusion voice service includes unmetered long distance in the United States for residential and business services. Fusion voice service also has lots of great features. And you can bond two Fusion lines together.

Save Money: Add the cost of your current landline bill, extra features you pay for (call waiting, caller ID), your long distance bill, and your current DSL service together. Then compare that with these prices. Remember that for both residential and business customers, unmetered local and long distance is included. See our Fusion International Rates  page for great deals on international calls. 

Service PriceSetup FeeStatic IP
 Fusion Residential$60.95 + taxes/fees* (appox $10 per month)
 Fusion Business$71.95+ taxes/fees* (approx $10 per month)$35
Fusion price as of 4/1/2020
*Click to see Local, State and Federal taxes and fees on Fusion phone lines.

Find out answers to your Fusion questions: We have a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page with answers to all kinds of Fusion questions. 

Switching to Fusion:  MCN Fusion allows you keep (port) your existing phone number and works with your existing wiring and phones. On your due date for service a change is made in the central office to switch your current phone line to Fusion service. Your phone service is down for around three hours and your internet is down for about 90 minutes.  We will work with customers to resolve issues and put in place back up plans prior to transition to Fusion service where phone service is critical.  Many existing modems (ZHONE, Zyxel) that MCN DSL customers are using are ready to be used with the new system and you do not need a special phone to use the Fusion landline voice service.

Bond Two Together: Two Fusion lines can be bonded together. You get two phone lines and double the DSL speed at your location. Bonding does require a special modem. You also get a break on your second Fusion line:

ServicePrice Setup FeeStatic IP
Residential Bonded Fusion$95.95 + taxes/fees*
Business Bonded Fusion$107.95 + taxes/fees*
Fusion price as of 4/1/2020
*Click to see Local, State and Federal taxes and fees on Fusion phone lines.

Fusion Voice Service Details
Now you have a choice for your telephone service. Fusion phone service is traditional land line phone service (not “VOIP”) over existing copper wires with no charge for local or long distance calls. Fusion voice also includes these great features at no charge: 
  • Voice mail 
  • Call forwarding | Call waiting | Caller ID with Name | Voice Mail
  • 911 (emergency) and 611 (repair) services included
  • Caller ID Block | Three way calling | Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Free International calling to 66+countries (International rates)
  • Residential unmetered Nationwide Calling/(Usage policy)
  • All calls, local and long distance, are free to all 50 states.
  • Anonymous call rejection (ACR)--block anyone who doesn't display callerID information. 
Fusion Next Generation DSL Service

High Speed Internet with no artificial limits. We give you as much as the system will allow-- up to 50 Mbps--and double that if you bond two Fusion lines together. While Fusion DSL speeds to decrease with distance, there are no artificial caps on speed at 1.5, 3 or 6 megabit and no caps on usage. Customers in the downtown areas of Fort Bragg and Mendocino will see amazing speeds! Static IP addresses are available. Fusion also comes with a free basic website and 10 free e-mail addresses. See the Fusion FAQ for details

Fusion voice telephone service is provided by Sonic Telecom with Mendocino Community Network as the billing agent. Offered in selected areas of Mendocino and Fort Bragg only 

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