Windows Live Mail 2009 Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server
-- Secure Email

1) Double click on the Windows Live Mail icon on your desktop or on the START menu

Click on TOOLS at the top of the page

In the dropdown menu click on Accounts...

3) Double click your email address

4) A "Properties" window opens

5) On the GENERAL Tab fill in:

6) Click on the SERVERS Tab

My incoming mail server is a   POP3   server.
Incoming mail (POP3) :
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Email username
: first word of your email address  i.e. for, "testy" is the user name.
Passwordyour MCN password
Check Log on using clear text authentication

7) At the bottom of the screen CHECK the box before "My server requires authentication"

8) Click on the SETTINGS button

An Outgoing Mail Server window will open

9) Click dot next to "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"
10) Click on the "OK" button in that window. 

11) Click on the Advanced tab
Outgoing mail (SMTP) 587
Check "this server requires a secure connection (SSL)"
Incoming mail (POP3) 995

12) To change the settings for Holding Mail on the Server:
At the bottom of the Advanced tab window under "Delivery"
Check "Leave a copy of messages on server"
Check "Remove from server after" and type in # of day(s)
(Best to keep it under 14 days)
*** If you DON'T want to hold copies of your mail on the server then DON'T check "Leave a copy of messages on server"

Click the Apply button at the bottom right of the window

Click the OK button below
You're all done now. Great job!

Password Authentication-SMTP Server Port Main Page
or MCN Home Page