Thunderbird 3.x Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server
-- Secure Email

1) Open the Thunderbird email program

2) In the top menu click on TOOLS

3) In the drop down menu click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS

4) The "Account Settings" window will open

5) In the left column click on the bottom option
"Outgoing Server (SMTP)"

6) On the right side select the words in the white box
They should be "[your user name]server - (Default)"

7) Click on the EDIT button to the right

8) An SMTP server window will open

The "Server Name" must be
Check the box next to "Use name and password"
Your user name will appear in the box next to "User Name"

9) To change the Outgoing Server port number:

----- Delete the number in the box to the right of "Port:"
----- Type in 587
10) Click the OK button at the bottom of the page

11)To set Secure Email: Select "Server Settings" in the upper left column (right under your email address)

----- To the right, under "Security Settings" under "Use secure connection:"
----- To the right of "Connection security:" click on the blue tab with the arrow and choose SSL/TLS

----- The "Port:" number above it should be changed to 995

For the outgoing port Secure Email:
Look at bottom of left column >> "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"

----- On right select the words in white box, then click on EDIT button to the right
----- An SMTP server window will open

Under "Security and Authentication" to the right of "Connection security:"
Click on the blue tab with an arrow on it
In the dropdown menu choose SSL/TLS
Click the OK button

12) To change the settings for Holding Copies of Mail on the Server:
---- Look down the page under the "Server Settings" section

---- If you DON'T want to hold any mail on the server then don't check "Leave messages on server"
---- If you DO want to hold copies of your mail on the server then check "Leave messages on server"
---- Also check "For at most" and fill in the number of days you want to hold the mail (best to keep it under 14 days)

----- Click the OK button in the bottom right

You've done it. Great job!

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