Apple Mail Snow Leopard and Lion - 10.6/10.7 Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server
-- Secure Email

--- Reference to each specific topic below is in the same color as the topic above. ---

1) Open the Mail program (the blue postage stamp in the Dock toolbar)

2) In the top menu, next to the black Apple, click on MAIL

3) In the dropdown menu click on PREFERENCES…

4) Click on the ACCOUNTS button

5) Select (click on) your email address in the left column
Make sure the ACCOUNT INFORMATION tab is selected

6) Look down to the bottom right of the window
7) Click on the BLUE TAB to the far right of OUTGOING MAIL SERVER

8) In the drop-down menu click on “Edit Server List

9) In the new window that opens, under "Description"
select the server that you're using for your email address
--Then click on the Advanced tab in middle of page

10) Select the dot next to "Use default ports (25, 465, 587)
---- Or select "Use custom port:" and type in 587

11) To the right of “Authentication:” is a blue tab with arrows

12) Click on the blue tab and choose PASSWORD from the drop down list

13) Fill in your User Name:
(i.e. in the email address "", "testy" is the user name)
Fill in your Password

***If you have more than one email account then there should be
only one outgoing server for each account.

Repeat steps #9 through #13 for each email account

Click on the OK button

14) Stay on the Advanced tab to

---- Under "Check with your system administrator..." and to the right of "Port:"
---- Check "Use SSL" (your Port number should be changed to 995.)

---- Click on the Account Information tab

---- Click on the Server Settings... button at the bottom of the window
---- In the dropdown menu select "Edit Server List..."

---- In the next window click on the Advanced tab in the middle of the page.
---- Under "Use custom port:" check "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)"

---- Click the OK button


---- Stay on the Advanced tab

---- Check "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:"

---- Click on the field below it and choose the time period you want the copy to be held on the MCN server.

---- If you DON'T want to hold a copy of your mail on the server choose Right away.

---- If you DO want to hold a copy of your mail on the server Choose "After one day" (or one week or one month)

Close the ACCOUNTS window

If prompted ALWAYS save your changes.

You've done it. Great job!

Email Program Directory Page
or MCN Home Page

Close the ACCOUNTS window

You've done it. Great job!

Password Authentication-SMTP Server Port Main Page
or MCN Home Page