Outlook Express 4.5 Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server
-- Secure Email

1) Open Outlook Express in Mac OS 9

2) In the top menu click on EDIT

3) In the dropdown menu, at the bottom, click on PREFERENCES

4) The "Preferences" window will open

5) "SMTP Server" must be mail.mcn.org
---- POP Server:" is mail.mcn.org
---- Check "Save password:" and fill in your password in the field to the right

7) To change the Outgoing Server Port number
----- Click on the Advanced button at the bottom of the right column

----- "Override default SMTP port:" and type in 587 in the box to the right

9) Click on OK button at the bottom of the page

10) To Hold Mail on the Server
---- Click on Edit >> Preferences

---- In the left column under Accounts select "E-mail"

---- In the right column towards the bottom under "Account name:" click on the Advanced button

---- To hold a copy of your mail on the server check the 3rd line down
---- "Leave a copy of messages on server"

11) For Secure Email check the following:
---- "This POP service requires a secure connection (SSL)"
---- "Override default POP port" -------- Type in 995
---- "this SMTP service requires a secure connection (SSL)
---- "Override default SMTP port" -------- Type in 587
Click the OK button at the bottom right of the window

You've done it. Great job!

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