MCN Special E-Mail Features Instructions

Because of the increasing amount of viruses and spam abuse
MCN customers and CVC customers:
1) must only use the MCN outgoing mail server (

2) have Password Authentication set in their email program.

We recommend ALL customers do these two things...

If using internet connections other than MCN (i.e. satellite, Comcast cable, AT&T DSL, etc)
you must change the outgoing server port number to 587 or 465 to remedy the situation.

Instructions on how to change these settings in the most popular email programs are below.

Click once on the name of your email program (it will be blue and underlined).
You'll be linked to directions on how to check your outgoing mail server is correct,
set Password Authentication, how to set your program to do encrytped e-mail transmission,
and how to leave your e-mail on the server for a period of time.


Outlook Express Instructions

Outlook Instructions

Outlook 2007 Instructions

 Outlook 2010 Instructions

Eudora (Windows) Instructions

Netscape Communicator (Windows) Instructions

Thunderbird 2.x Instructions

Thunderbird 3.0 Instructions

Thunderbird 3.1 Instructions (PLEASE NOTE: The settings pages have been changed in this version from 3.0)

Vista Windows Mail Instructions

Windows Live 2009 Mail Instructions

Windows Live 2011 Mail Instructions



10.3 and 10.4 Apple Mail Instructions

10.5 Leopard Apple Mail Instructions

10.6 SNOW Leopard and 10.7 Lion  Apple Mail Instructions

Entourage Instructions

Eudora (Mac) Instructions

Outlook Express 5 (Mac Instructions)

See? That wasn't so bad.
If it was....

Give us a call at 707 937-1444 or 800 796-3896
weekdays between 9am - 6pm

Ask a tech how to change your outgoing mail server port
and to walk you through "Password Authentication"

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