Eudora 6 for Mac Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server

Short Directions for Changing Port Numbers in Eudora for Mac

1) Open Eudora

2) Create a new email message and paste or type in the following link:

3) Click on that link while holding down the command (apple) key.

A window will appear with the new port number in it.
If the field is blank type in 465 or 587.

Click the Set Setting button in that window.

Now go through the directions below and make sure you have Password Authentication set

1) Open the Eudora email program

2) On the top menu click on SPECIAL

3) In the drop down menu click on SETTINGS

4) In the left column click on the 3rd item down SENDING MAIL

5) The SMTP Server must be
6) To the right, below “SMTP Server” check ALLOW AUTHORIZATION
(by clicking on the square to the left of “Allow Authorization”)

7) The Outgoing Server port number can be changed only in Eudora 6.2.4 and above
8) In the "Sending Mail" category, below "SMTP Server":
-----Check "Use submission port (587)"

9) Click on the OK button at the bottom right of the page

10) To change your settings re:
Holding a Copy of your Mail on the Server:
---- Click on TOOLS

---- In the dropdown menu choose OPTIONS >> in the left column click on "Checking Mail"

---- In the right column Check "Leave mail on server for" and fill in the number of days(Best to keep it under 14 days)
---- If you DON'T want to hold copies of your mail on the server, then DON'T check "Leave mail on server for"

Click the OK button at the buttom

You've done it. Great job!

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