Entourage Instructions for Changing the Settings re:

-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number
-- Password Authentication
-- Leaving Copies of Mail on the Server
-- Secure Email

1) Open Entourage

2) In the menu across the top of the window click on TOOLS

3) At the bottom of the dropdown menu click on ACCOUNTS

4) In the Accounts window double click on your account
or click on the EDIT button above

5) The EDIT ACCOUNT window will open
The "SMTP server" MUST be mail.mcn.org

6) At the bottom of the window is a button " Click here for advanced sending options "
Click on that button.

7) In the new window check "Override default SMTP port:" and type in 587

8) For Password Authentication:
---- Put a check in the box to the left of "SMTP server requires authentication "
---- That should also put a dot in the circle to the left of "Use same settings as receiving mail server"

---- Close that window by clicking on the teeny square in the upper left corner

---- Click on the OK button at the bottom right of the page

9) For Holding Mail on the Server settings:
---- In the Edit Account window (Tools >> Accounts >> double-click on email account)
---- Click on the Options tab

---- Under the "Server options" section check "Leave a copy of each message on the server"
-------- Also check "Delete messages from the server after" and type in the number of days
------------ (Best to keep it under 14 days)
---- If you DON'T want to hold copies of your mail on the server don't check either of those boxes
---- Remember to click the OK button in the bottom right

10) To enable Secure Mail:
---- In the Edit Account window (Tools >> Accounts >> double-click on email account)
---- Click on the Account Settings tab

---- In the Receiving mail section, under the checkbox "Save password in my Mac OS keychain"
-------- click on "Click here for advanced receiving options"

-------- In the drop down list check "This POP service requires a secure connection (SSL)"
------------ The port number below should change to 995
---- Close that window and then click the OK button in the Edit Account window

You've done it. Great job!

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