Protect the integrity of your website with SiteLock

MCN is pleased to offer SiteLock website protection to our customers. SiteLock plans for MCN hosted sites start as low as $14.95 per year for small sites (25 pages or less) and for $49.95 per year MCN hosted sites can get up to 500 pages scanned daily. We even have full on e-commerce site scanning. SiteLock protects the content of your website, your organizations integrity and the SiteLock seal on your website shows your customers you take security seriously. Ready to order SiteLock now? Just call 937-1444 or (800)796-3896 or send an e-mail to

SiteLock Basic
Got a simple personal website that doesn't collect any information or store any data? Get SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE PROTECTION from hackers, blacklisting by Search Engines, and many other website hazards.
SiteLock Premium
Are you a Blogger, Gamer, Social Networker, Hobbiest, or does your site collect non-public information? Protect yourself and your visitors with this comprehensive suite of hacker protection and detection tools.
SiteLock SMB Enterprise
Using SSL, a Shopping Cart, SQL/Databases or storing Customer Data on your site? If it's a known website threat or vulnerability, this plan protects you and your customers from it. Don't even think about e-commerce without SMB Enterprise.
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