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33 Features to use in your GoMobi Website:


Engage Mobile Customers
About One click and customers know about you
Opening Hours Tell customers when you are open for business
Products Highlight your products
Services Highlight your services
Images Showcase your photos in a gallery or slideshow
News Feed Publicize your events with an RSS feed
Blog Link your customers to your Blog
Full Website Link to your full website
Create Link Direct your customers to any web page
Create Page Add extra pages with rich content within the site
Events Calendar Share your news
NEW! QR Code Personalized transcoding engine - Create a bar code that mobile phones can scan to receive your information
NEW! Legal Enter your Copyright or link to page and Terms & Conditions
NEW! Site Translation Visitors choose in what language to view site

Convert Leads to Customers
Call Us One click for your customers to call you
Find Us Google map and directions including time and distance
Call Me Back Customer can leave phone # for you to return their call
Booking Request Let your customers request a reservation
Leave A Message Customers can leave a message requesting information
Keep Me Informed Your customers opt-in to receive regular updates
Coupons Your special offers
Tell-A-Friend Your customers can text a friend about you

Social Networking Let customers connect with you on
Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn
NEW! Local Connect Allow customers to connect with your business via popular location based social sites
i.e. FourSquare and Google Places

Drive Traffic
Site Monetization Create new revenue from your site
Traffic Booster Add key words so search engines can understand your business and attract traffic
NEW! Google Analytics Site Stats: who visits, what they're viewing
REVISED Advanced... Features for designers and developers to customize site
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