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About us - one click and customers know about you  
Opening hours - tell customers when you are open for business  
Products - highlight your products  
Services - highlight your services  
Photos - showcase your photos  
Your news - share your news  
Blog - share your blog  
Full website - link to your full website  
Other content - create one click icons to highlight other content  
Create Page - Add extra pages with rich content within the site
Events Calendar - Share your news
QR Code - Personalized transcoding engine
Legal - Enter your Copyright, Terms & Conditions
Site Translation - Let visitors choose the language of your site
Call Us - one click for your customers to call you  
Find Us - Google map and directions  
Call Me Back - call your customers back  
Reservations - let your customers request a reservation  
Leave a Message - customers can leave a message requesting information  
Information Updates - your customers opt-in to receive regular updates  
Coupons - your special offers  
Tell-a -Friend - your customers can SMS a friend about you  
Social Networking - let your customers connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn  
Local Connect - Allow customers to connect with your business via popular location based social sites
Google Analytics - Site Stats
Search engine optimization - be found and drive traffic  
Traffic stats - know where your customers are going on your site  
Add 3rd party advertising - create new revenue from your site  

Advanced features for Designers & Developers - Click Here

goMobi also include advanced features to enable Designers and Developers offer a customized mobile experience to their clients. Click here for further information on these features and how to use them.