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MCN Fusion Voice and Next Generation DSL - SAVE MONEY WITH HIGHER SPEEDS:  Fusion is a next generation DSL service with speeds up to 20 Mbps and landline (not VOIP) service for selected areas of Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Fusion pricing starts at $55 for residential use and $65 for businesses plus around $10 in fees and taxes. Add up your phone, long distance and internet bills and see if Fusion will save you money. All-you-can-get speed up to 20 Mbps in downtown areas. Free local and long distance for all calls placed in the U.S. for all customers, business and residential 

Learn how and when you can get faster speed, great landline voice service and save money at our Fusion information page or call 937-1444 for more information. Fusion voice is provided by Sonic Telecom. Click here to signup now!

MCN DSL Service Overview

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Welcome to the MCN DSL Information Center

MCN Has Great Pricing on DSL Services
MCN has great introductory business DSL prices starting as low as $27.45 per month for the first 12 months. We also offer introductory pricing on our static prices. Our residential service is offered at three different levels of service with great introductory pricing starting at just $27.45 per month.

MCN is now offering DSL service in selected areas of Fort Bragg, Mendocino, and many areas across California. Why not get your order form and contract in now? You can see if you qualify from the MCN home page, or call MCN and our staff can now tell you immediately if you can qualify for DSL service. Call our office at 937-1444 or (800) 796-3896 or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ready to order? DSL order forms for all of services are listed below.

  • MCN DSL Order Form 1.21 RESIDENTIAL--for all residential customers in our service area. Download as PDF File.
  • MCN DSL Order Form 1.21 BUSINESS--for business customers in our service area. Download as PDF File.
  • MCN DSL Order Form 1.6 STATIC IP--for customers requiring static IP service.Download as PDF file.
  • MCN DSL Order Form 1.6 MONTH TO MONTH--for customer ordering month to month services. Download as PDF file.
  • MCN DSL ContractDownload as PDF file.
  • If you are moving to MCN from another ISP you must complete the MCN DSL ISP Change Form as part of your signup process.

    Want to know more, just visit the appropriate DSL Pricing Page listed below.

    Want to know if you qualify for DSL service? Just e-mail the phone number where you want DSL service to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the MCN office at 937-1444 or (800) 796-3896. We'll quickly tell you if you pre-qualify for the service. Want more information about ordering DSL service? Visit the MCN DSL Order Page.

    Here are five great reasons to get MCN DSL service:

    • Bundled Services: All DSL service includes spam and virus filtering, free 1 gig webspace, e-mail service, great MCN tech support, and 50 hours of analog dial-up.
    • Cost: With MCN's special introductory prices, you can save on your monthly expenses by eliminating the need for an additional phone line for Internet access.
    • Speed: DSL speeds start at twenty five times the speed of traditional modems.
    • Convenience: Switch to DSL without making any changes to your existing phone service as long as you have AT&T local phone service. No need to change your MCN e-mail account.
    • Great MCN Service: Continue to receive the most reliable friendly support on the coast. All customers will receive a free security brochure.

    Here's the latest news on MCN DSL Services:
    • Pricing Update: MCN has great introductory prices on business class DSL service. All the information is on the links above.
    • Availability: MCN DSL Service is now ready to order in many Northern California locations including parts of Mendocino. We offer DSL service wherever it is available from Santa Diego to Eureka and across California. This includes parts of Sonoma and Napa counties. We also offer service in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Stockton. Unfortunately, there are currently no AT&T facilities for DSL service on the South Coast.
    • Pricing: Competitive prices for both residential and business customers.
    • To Order DSL Service: If you are interested in DSL service please visit the MCN DSL Order Page for instructions on ordering DSL service. We can prequalify your phone number over the phone or just email your phone number to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • DSL Runs On an Existing Phone Line: DSL can be added to an existing phone line. You can talk on the phone at the same time you are using MCN DSL Service.
      note:You MUST have AT&T local service on the phone line where you are requesting DSL service. There will no need to change your local long distance, or long distance services in order to have DSL. However, your local phone service must be with AT&T. In fact, if you have an extra phone line just for the Internet, you will no longer need it!
    More information will be posted here as it becomes available! Questions? Feel free to write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 937-1444 or (800) 796-3896.




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